Independent Division

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Documentary Short

The story underlying the most influential and electrifying photograph to come out of the Vietnam War, and how the picture transformed the lives of Eddie Adams, who captured the moment on film, and Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the man who pulled the trigger.
Icontent Films
Director: Douglas J. Sloan
Script Consultant: Marc Kristal
Executive Producer: Tania Sethi
Director of Photography: Jack Donnelly
Editor: Charly Bender
Producer/Designer: Gail Kershner
Film Website:

LET US BEGIN is a short documentary that chronicles the recalibration of the Porter family after their lives are interrupted by Debbie Porter’s diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s disease.
The GW Medical Faculty Associates
Director: Brandon Bray
Producers: Dave Baker and Brandon Bray
Cinematographers: Dave Baker and Brandon Bray
Editor: Brandon Bray

A spicy blend of adventure, social history, and portrait of an athletic pioneer, THE NEW WOMAN is a documentary film about an improbable journey by bicycle in 1894 and the eccentric, fiery “new woman” who dared to undertake it.
Director/Writer: Gillian K. Willman
Editors: Douglas Hanback, Loye Miller and Gillian K. Willman
Film Website:

Documentary Feature

Director Raymond De Felitta takes a journey into the past to determine what role his father’s 1966 NBC documentary on race and the changing times in the South may have played in the mysterious murder of Booker Wright, a black waiter who gave an inflammatory speech on race in his father’s film.
Hangover Lounge and Eyepatch Productions for Tribeca Film
Director: Raymond De Felitta
Producer: David Zellerford
Co-Producer: Yvette Johnson
Executive Producers: Lynn Roer and Steven Beer
Cinematographer: Joe Victorine
Editor: George Gross
Composer: David Cieri

As flood waters threaten, a visionary architect is building solar floating schools  - and creating a blueprint for his country’s survival.  But can ‘Bangladesh’s Noah’ keep his imperiled nation from drowning?  By turns witty and heart-wrenching, EASY LIKE WATER takes you on an off-the-grid journey that offers a refreshing new perspective on the resilience of the Global South.
Potomac Media Works
Executive Producer/Director/Writer: Glenn Baker
Cinematographer: Stephen Sapienza
Editor: Sam Green
Original Music: James Lavino
Animation: James Sullivan

Bronze bull
The film probes the state of US financial markets, runaway trading technology, and the risks now inherent in our markets. The film goes right to the source: Wall Street’s insiders, revealing growing signs that the stock market contains so much speed and complexity it may be impossible to regulate.
Arbitrage Pictures
Director/Producer/Writer: Camilla Sullivan
Director of Photography/Editor: Rob Lyall
Unit Production Manager: Julie Neil
Post-Production Supervisor: Christina Crawley
Assistant Editors: Christina Crawley and Bryan Wieder
Narrator: Linda Semans Donovan
Film Website:

Lost Child Sayon Soeun Transit PhotoLOST CHILD: SAYON’S JOURNEY
LOST CHILD: SAYON’S JOURNEY is a humanistic documentary that shows one Khmer Rouge child soldier confront his childhood experiences during Cambodia’s darkest hour, what he witnessed, and what he struggled with as he came of age.
The Gardner Documentary Group
Director/Co-Producer: Janet P. Gardner
Co-Producer: Sopheap Theam
Director of Photography/Field Producer: Kevin Cloutier
Coordinating Producer: Mitsuko Brooks
Editor: Thomas Dexter and Hajo Carl
Supervising Editor: Jessica Weiner
Film Website:
Production Company Website:

Below the belt cancers and a below the radar cause are thrust into the limelight as N.E.D., or No Evidence of Disease, a rock band of GYN surgeons, put the plight of their patients center stage in this riveting story of women fighting for their lives.
Spark Media
Director/Producer: Andrea Kalin
Co-Producers: Karen Simon and Oliver Lukacs
Directors of Photography: Bryan Sarkinen and Oliver Lukacs
Editor: Amy Young
Post Production: FILMLOOK Media and Post
Sound Design and Mixing: Gary Coppola and Archie Moore
Film Website:
Production Company Website:

Fiction Short

Four adult children return home for a family dinner at their parents’ New England house for the first time since the eldest son’s marriage four years earlier, when something happened to keep them apart. Everyone joins in the cooking, gossip, laughter and teasing, and they all enjoy a formal dinner together until boundaries blur and tension and confrontation between the brothers lead to a shocking discovery. Exposed out in the open, this secret threatens to destroy the delicately balanced dysfunction of the family.
Flintboy Productions
Producer: Huriyyah Muhammad
Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Peter Davenport
Cast: Carey Van Driest, Erin Anne MacDonald, Ian Walker, Peter Davenport, Regina Schneider, Sheryl Sciro and Tony Nation
Cinematographer: Milton Kim
Editor: Ben Insler
Composer: Kevin MacLeod

In a magical world where memory lasts only a few hours, James learns how to recognize the only thing he really needs to know.
Lucida Films LLC
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Shanti Thakur
Executive Producer: Mark Lipson
Director of Photography: Benjamin Wolf
Production Design: John Monaco
Music: Todd Reynolds
Cast: Chris Santangelo and Ines Lucas
Director’s Website: