Special Recognition for Televised Series

All televised series are also listed on their genre/category pages (Televised Reality, etc.). To see a complete list of Spring 2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award recipients in all categories, click here.

Season 4 of AMERICAN PICKERS continues with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, along with office manager and picker-wannabe Danielle Colby, as they travel the back roads of America, meeting fascinating people while searching for rusty gold and telling the history of America one piece at a time.
Cineflix for History
Executive Producers: Charles Tremayne, Mike Poertner and Mike Wolfe
Series Producer: Michael Swanhaus
Producer: Simon Lloyd
Executive Producers for History: Susan Werbe and Tim Healy
Televised Reality Division, Verite & Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the plane you were on crashed? Questioned how your cells fight against deadly viruses? Or wondered if the Giant Squid really exists? More than just a landmark TV series, CURIOSITY brings the ‘I wonder’ moments to TV & answers life’s challenging questions.
Dragonfly Film and Television Productions Ltd, Map TV Limited for Discovery Channel, Discovery Studios, LLC in association with Creative Differences, Wide-Eyed Entertainment Ltd, BBC and NHK/NHK Enterprises
Narrated by Josh Charles, David Tennant and Chris Corley
Executive Producers: Sanjay Singhal, Simon Dickson, Cassian Harrison, David McNab, Mike Masland, Dave Harding, Christine Weber and Erik Nelson
Co-Executive Producers: Steve Nam and Ryan Senter
Created and Produced by Geoff Deehan
Producers/Directors: Ben Lawrie, Richard Max, Mike Davis and Leslie Schwerin
Supervising Producer: Amy Briamonte
Coordinating Producers: Sarah Spaniolo, Charlotte Hendrix and Jessi Baden-Campbell
Televised Documentary and Performance Division, Science & Technology

DEADLIEST CATCH is a documentary series that chronicles the real-life high-sea adventures of Alaskan crab fishermen. The series follows the crew as they take on the most deadly profession in the world in search of their own version of buried treasure – the prized Alaskan king crab.
Original Productions, LLC for Discovery Channel
Narrated by Mike Rowe
Executive Producers: Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy and David Pritikin
Co-Executive Producers: John Gray and Bill Pruitt
Producer: Brian Dean
Supervising Producers: Sheila McCormack and Decker Watson
Supervising Editor: Josh Earl
Story Producer: Sean Dash
Camera/Producers: Nicholas Bunker, Matt Getz, Tony Pontillo, and Johnny Beechler
Directors of Photography/Producers: David Reichert, Steven Wright, Travis Tips, Todd Stanley, Shane Moore and John Moody
Director of Photography: Cameron Glendenning
Camera: Ben Horton, Ben Shearin,  Ben Murray, Breck Warwick, Matt Fahey
Televised Reality Division, Verite & Lifestyle

David Attenborough explores the fascinating world of plants using pioneering techniques in time-lapse and macro photography. As he moves from our human time scale to theirs, we can see plants growing in seconds and competing for light and space, acting as dynamically and aggressively as any animal.
Atlantic Productions for Sky
Written and Presented by David Attenborough
Series Director: Martin Williams
Executive Producer: Anthony Geffen
Televised Documentary and Performance Division, Environment & Nature

ONTEN is a satirical news show broadcast to Iran that tackles current political and social issues not covered in the Iranian media. Each week the headlines and the stories behind the headlines are covered with edgy graphics, unexpected interviews, comic book style biographies and a “news” anchor.
Voice of America
Executive Producer/Host/Editor/Graphics: Saman Arbabi
Head Writer/Research: Arash Sobhani
Co-Host/Research/Editor: Afshin Nariman
Editor/Cameraman: Kamran Taherimoggadam
Graphics/Editor: Ardalan Payvar
Editor/Cameraman: Afshean Hessam
Coordination/Producer: Vada Mossavat
Televised Documentary and Performance Division, People, Places & Arts

OPRAH’S MASTER CLASS is an unprecedented look into the minds of true modern masters, selected by Oprah for their unique impact on the world. In an intimate setting, these teachers share their wisdom by passing on their most valuable life lessons.
Harpo Productions for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
Executive Producer: Oprah Winfrey
Executive Producers: Jonathan Sinclair and Justin Wilkes
Executive Producers: Joe Berlinger, Robert Friedman and Jon Kamen
Directed by: Michael Bonfiglio
Series Producer: Andrew Flakelar
Supervising Producer: Annetta Marion
Senior Story Producer: Marcella Steingart
Associate Producer: Sheila McNaughton
Televised Documentary and Performance Division, People, Places & Arts

TOP GEAR takes extraordinary and ordinary cars to the limit and beyond to find out why America is so obsessed with the automobile and its history and technology. Full of extreme stunts, challenges and weekly features, this is far more than a car show.
BBC Worldwide for History
Executive Producers: John Hesling and Russ McCarroll (for History)
Co-Executive Producer: Ryan Senter
Co-Executive Producer (Episodes “Big Rigs” and “Continental Divide”): Rupert Smith
Supervising Producer: Tabitha Lentle